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Tips for Better E-Relations

Here are a few good reasons:

email marketing helps you get the results you want as a cost-effective add-on to current marketing efforts. email marketing will help you:
• Forge stronger relationships with your members/customers
• Increase member/customer loyalty—identify those who are most loyal
• Grow your database of members/subscribers with ease
• Direct traffic to your website
• Drive sales/memberships, increase your ROI
• Educate, inform, entertain—show the value you bring
• Get feedback on your products, services and/or benefits
• Maintain consistent, branded communications

email marketing is easy and effective:
email marketing is an inexpensive addition to any integrated marketing plan. The cost to send an email message is a fraction of the cost of a mailing. Most organizations pay for an entire year’s worth of email campaigns for less than the cost of one (yes, one!) postal mailing.

email gets higher response rates.
email has a 10 times higher response rate than postal mail, particularly when the recipient already has a relationship with the sender.

Results are instant and measurable.
You can track statistical results of email campaigns in real-time. For example, would you like to know:
• How many people received your email?
• How many people opened it and who they are?
• How many people clicked on each link and who they are?
• Which links got the most attention from subscribers
  (i.e., what are our subscribers most interested in)?

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