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Katey Charles Communications has carefully selected an email marketing suite that meets (and far exceeds in most cases!) the needs of our e-newsletter clients. Our system is robust, easy to navigate and learn, and provides the latest in email marketing tools at an affordable price. We continue to upgrade our system on a regular basis, based on customer feedback, so you can count on even more great features in the future!

Unless otherwise noted, all of the features listed below come standard with every e-marketing suite package we offer:

Branded online opt-in/opt-out form
Utilize our customizable online opt-in (or "sign up") form to capture subscribers. The same online form appears when your subscribers wish to unsubscribe or update the information they have provided to you. It's easy to customize for a professional look with your company logo, font color and background color.

Welcome message for new subscribers
Send a welcome campaign to your subscribers automatically, confirming the subscription and making a great first impression.

Automated unsubscribe management
Are you tired of getting "unsubscribe" requests via email and updating your database manually? Our email marketing suite automates the process for you. All your subscriber has to do is click on "unsubscribe" to be removed from your email list immediately. Plus, we have safeguards that prevent you from accidentally sending messages to subscribers who have opted out.

Customizable, CAN-SPAM compliant footer
To comply with the federal CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, every email campaign you send must offer subscribers a way to unsubscribe. Our suite makes this easy by including a link to your automated opt-out form in a footer attached to every email you send.

Maintenance of CAN-SPAM compliant opt-out list
Our email marketing suite will automatically maintain your organization's email "suppression file" as required by federal law. It's easy to export this list and share with your affiliates.

HTML/plain text versions
Your subscribers will receive the most appropriate email version (HTML or plain text) for their inboxes through exclusive sensor technology, eliminating many of the delivery challenges that sometimes come with email marketing campaigns.

Time-released campaigns
Create one or more campaigns in advance and set them to send at a later date.

One-to-one communication is easy with our e-marketing suite. You can personalize your message by a subscriber's name ("Dear Joe") or any other demographic you maintain in your online database (company name or pet name, for example). It's easier than a mail merge!

Unlimited number of target segments
Create as many static and dynamic segments (lists) as you like in your email database. Then send targeted e-newsletters and messages to each list.

Dynamic segments
Let our e-marketing suite automatically add and remove your subscribers to and from database segments based on criteria that you have set up (click-through behavior, demographics provided, etc.).

Dynamic content
Send even more personalized content! Say you are an online retailer and you want subscribers from the East Coast to receive a different offer from those in the Midwest. It's easy with our e-marketing suite. You can send personalized copy, offers, links and images for better one-to-one communication and marketing.

Easy import and export of your list(s)
You can import lists easily, and export your whole list or any number of database segments, like "bounced subscribers," "frequent shoppers" or "VIP donors."

Online access to campaign statistics
Monitor statistical reports of each email campaign in real time, even from home! Automatically track the number of emails sent, opened, bounced and delivered. Then, view click-through rates per hyperlink. It's a great way to gauge the interests of your subscribers and find out whether what you are sending is relevant to your readers.

Auto segment by click-through activity
If you know in advance that you want to track subscribers who click on a particular link, you can set the system up to automatically feed "clickers" into pre-set segments of your email database.

Spam checker
Use our spam checker before you send a campaign to find out how "spammy" your message might be considered by the most common spam filter programs.

HTML design consultant
Improve the deliverability and appearance of your e-newsletters by scanning your HTML for problematic coding and review recommendations before you send.

Set up sub-accounts with different levels of access. For example, you might give an assistant access to opt in and opt out subscribers but not to build and send campaigns.

Approval process management
Manage multi-departmental campaigns from one central account. You can maintain control over the frequency and content of each sub-account's campaigns with our built-in message approval tool.

A/B split market test capabilities
Easily test individual elements in your email campaigns using a small portion of your list and track the results. Then send the "winner" to your broader list.

Social media sharing tools
Our SocialLoop feature makes it easy for you to: 1) encourage subscribers to share your messages with their social networks; 2) find out who your social influencers are and what networks they are using; and 3) embed email sign-up forms on your own social sites.

Our forward-to-a-friend feature allows your subscribers to share your email campaigns with friends and colleagues and encourage them to sign up for your list.

Event-triggered messaging
Configure a series of messages to create a communications stream that will be sent at a specified schedule. For example, if you are a wedding planner, you could send out reminders to your clients at specific times leading up to the wedding date. The series is "triggered" by a start date.

Bounce handling / bounce logs
We'll track bounced messages for you so you don't get flooded with all those bounce-back messages. In addition, if a subscriber's address bounces three campaigns in a row, the system will stop sending messages to that address. This way you are "cleaning up" your list with every campaign you send. You can also access your bounce logs to find out why your messages are bouncing.

Event reminder
You can build customer loyalty by automatically remembering birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates.

Refer-a-friend (add-on feature)
Invite your new and current subscribers to recommend your e-news to others. Our system will send a personalized invitation or promotion (which you have set up) and then track who is sending referrals and how many sign-ups this yields.

ROI tracking (add-on feature)
Revenue tracking is designed for online retailers and marketers who need to measure the total revenue being generated from an email marketing campaign. We can trace subscriber links and record how much money a particular email campaign generates.

SureSend™ domain delivery report (add-on feature)
Our e-marketing suite will tell you if your message is being trapped by spam filters before you click send! The delivery report lets you send a test message to the top 20 U.S. email domains, allowing you to spot and fix problems quickly.

SureSend™ message rendering report (add-on feature)
See exactly how your e-newsletter will appear in each of the top 15 email clients, including Outlook and Hotmail. Also see how your message will appear with blocked images and where "the fold" will appear on a case-by-case basis, which will enable you to optimize the placement of your most important content.