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E-Mail Marketing Services: Technology


Whether you are a self-starter and just need up-front advice and training to launch an e-marketing program, or you choose a full-service campaign management package, you’ll need a robust, reliable software tool to host and manage your email database, deliver your campaigns and provide statistical results.

Katey Charles Communications works with industry leaders to provide a powerful, affordable solution for our clients. We offer a web-based, opt-in email marketing suite that tracks the interests and preferences of your subscribers and gives you the power to send personalized, relevant emails to each contact in your database. With our suite, you can safely host and manage your email list, automate your subscribe/unsubscribe process, build personalized, full-color HTML emails with hyperlinks, view statistics for every campaign you send out, instantly, and much, much more!

Grow Your List
• Branded online sign-up form / preferences center / opt-out form
• Sign-up widget (post to any site or page and track sign-ups)
• Welcome message or message series for new subscribers
• SocialLoop social acquisition tools

Manage Your List
• Automated subscribe / unsubscribe management
• Custom data fields (text and date)
• Unlimited number of target segments in database
• Dynamic segments (automated segment building based on subscriber data and behaviors)
• Segment exclusion (exclude a list on send)
• Automatic segmenting of subscribers by click-through activity
• Subscriber database search by demographics, ZIP code range, opens, clicks, social activity and more
• Easy import and export of your list(s)
• Bounce handling — automated “list hygiene”
• Access to bounce logs
• Frequency caps
• Double-opt-in management
• Maintenance of CAN-SPAM-compliant opt-out list

• HTML, plain-text and mobile versions created for each message
• Easy WYSIWYG editor for users who don’t know HTML
• SocialLoop share-to-social links
• Personalization of email by name and any other data fields in your database
• Time-released campaigns (create in advance, send later)
• Spam checker for outgoing email (alerts when your email is “spammy”)
• HTML design consultant (alerts you to HTML coding issues)
• Customizable, CAN-SPAM-compliant footer for outgoing emails
• Change a tracked hyperlink after message is sent!
• Up to 20MB free image storage
• Free templates

Additional Messaging Features
• Choose WYSIWYG or advanced, HTML-only mode
• Advanced personalization with dynamic segments and relational table content
• Dynamic content (send one-to-one messages)
• Easy A/B split testing and split with champion
• Random sampling
• Link append (for integration with web analytics)
• Internal message notes
• Message name field (project/job name)
• Assign bill codes to messages

CAN-SPAM Compliance
• Customizable, CAN-SPAM-compliant footer for outgoing emails
• Maintenance of CAN-SPAM-compliant opt-out list

Mobile Email
• Create mobile version of your messages
• Track and segment subscribers who open or click from a mobile device

Social Email
• SocialLoop social acquisition tools
• SocialLoop share-to-social distribution links on messages
• Tracking of social behaviors (who shares on what platforms)

Testing and Optimization
• Easy A/B split testing and split with champion
• Test subject lines, graphics, call-to-actions and more
• Test times of day / days of week

Event-Triggered Messaging / Autoresponders
• Trigger emails based on opens and clicks, social activity or specific interactions
• Trigger emails based on birthdays, anniversaries, date joined list, and more
• Automated recurring messages

Strategy Blueprints
• Welcome series
• Win-back campaigns
• Social influencers

Reporting Features
• Online access to detailed real-time campaign statistics, including delivery, opens, clicks, click-through rates per hyperlink, opt-outs and more
• Open and click activity broken down by hour, date, week, or other date range
• Export campaign statistics to PDF, Excel, CSV or XML
• Click-through overlay reports
• Detailed breakdown of bounce types
• Access to bounce logs

Delivery Management Tools
• Spam checker for outgoing email (alerts when your email is “spammy”)
• HTML design consultant (alerts you to HTML coding issues)
• Message throttling
• Frequency caps
• Dedicated IPs
• SureSend Domain Delivery Report
• SureSend Message Rendering Report
• Complete SureSend deliverability management services

User Management
• Multiple user accounts with differing permission levels
• User activity log
• Message approval process management
• Assign bill codes to messages

User Dashboard
• News and notes
• Marketing calendar showing sent and scheduled messages
• Metrics / trends

• Trackable transactional messages
• Commerce segments
• APIs — integration with offline database
• ROI tracking
• Link append (for integration with web analytics)

• Technical support via email and phone
• FAQs
• Tutorials
• Learning video library

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