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Tips: "Good Thinking" Archive

We provide our Good Thinking: Tips for Better E-Relations newsletter that gives tips on how to develop and maintain successful email marketing campaigns free of charge to our email clients.

You'll find past issues full of great tips right here:

Six Strategies for Improving Newsletter Deliverability
When you send an email, your message can be delivered to one of four places ... read the article

Seven Simple Writing Tips
We've compiled a few of Don Ranley's "tricks of the trade" to help increase the readership, retention and credibility of your print and electronic newsletters ... read the article

How Does This Look in Your Preview Pane?
If subscribers are viewing your e-newsletter in a preview pane, at first glance they are only seeing a small percentage of the eye-catching HTML message that you so carefully designed ... read the article

Is Your Footer Hurting or Helping You?
Although your footer may seem like an afterthought, it actually helps build credibility for your entire newsletter campaign. In fact, an incomplete footer puts you at risk of being labeled as spam by your own readers or being blocked by spam filters ... read the article

Time-Saving Tips That Will Make You Look Good, Too
Creating AOL and plain text versions of your email campaigns can be tedious and time-consuming. We've got great time-saving tips that will actually improve the way those subscribers view your emails ... read the article

What Kind of Impression Are You Making?
Take a closer look at how you might use the "welcome letter" feature of the email marketing system (eMS) to make a great impression on those who join your list ... read the article

Six Reasons Your Open Rates Might Be Declining
Here's a little insight into why you may be seeing lower open rates, an industry-wide complaint and what you can do to reverse the hex on your stats ... read the article

Do You Practice Good "List Hygiene"?
List hygiene refers to the process of cleaning up your email list. Luckily, our eMS system does much of the dirty work for you—tracking and managing bounces and invalid addresses ... read the article

One Simple Way to Build Your List
Clients often ask me for advice on how to maintain and grow their
email lists when on average, people change their email addresses
once every three years ... read the article

What's In a Subject Line?
Your subject line is the single most crucial string of words you will put together in your e-newsletter. Why? Because they way you craft your subject line will determine whether your email even gets opened ... .read the article

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