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E-Mail Marketing Services: Creative


If you want to stand out in a crowd, you've got to be noticeably "present" among all the other faces out there. You might have to wear a loud shirt or raise your voice to turn heads. Or, if everyone else is wearing a loud shirt, show up in beige from head to toe and see what happens.

The same goes for your email marketing strategy. If you want your newsletter, product showcase or media release to get noticed among all the other messages in subscribers’ inboxes, you've got to dress it up right (image) and say something about it that makes people want to listen (words).

There is a lot of junk out there passing as "communication," so when you make the effort to send professionally designed, well-written email campaigns, your readers will take notice.

We offer the following creative services:

Email Template Design
What’s in a template?
Designing effective email templates that are both eye-catching and easy for our clients to work with requires experience and HTML programming know-how. We provide fully customized, professionally branded e-newsletter and e-card templates of all kinds. Many clients come to us, in fact, because of our graphic design expertise. You may wish to view some of our client samples.

Can we use our own designer?
Yes, of course. We’re happy to work with your in-house designer on your email templates when you purchase one of our email marketing packages. We can provide basic guidelines for e-newsletter design, feedback on your concepts and tips for template programming. And, if you like, you can provide the design and let us handle the programming.

Content Development & Copy Writing
Relevant content and strong copy writing are crucial factors in the ongoing success or failure of your email marketing campaigns. Whether you need help planning your content, writing a story or thinking up the perfect subject line, you can turn to us for creative assistance.

Full-Service Campaign Management
We offer full-service campaign management services, including concept development, creative writing and graphic design, technical execution, real-time statistics and detailed reporting. Our powerful email distribution system allows us to create and test campaigns in advance for you and set a “send” date for any time in the future. Your campaign results will be available online, in real time, to whomever you choose to give password-protected access to your email marketing account, i.e., your communications or marketing director, VP of sales, president, etc.

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